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tink # 9

2010-09-14 04:08:16 by lutelian

everyones favorite fairy is back, and coming soon. ive had excuse after excuse and a lot of good reasons including no computer to work on, but the time for laziness has come to an end. im working on my comic again, and the ninth issue will be out soon. im 1/3rd done with it, and am going to do one every other month. attached is a preview pic from the upcoming issue. i apologize for some of the editting of this pic...but i didn't want to give some things away so i did some quick shitty editting to remove stuff from the pic.

by the way, even though ive planned alot of things out storywise, if anyone has any ideas or suggestions, besides stop cause i suck, id be happy to listen to them. im always looking for new and creative things to do to tinkerbell, and i have a ton i havent done yet, but more is always appreciated.


tink # 9


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2010-10-04 11:52:15

only one suggestion
stop the femdom stuff man ;(


2010-10-05 04:05:26

cant wait chek num 8 4 my reveiw


2010-10-08 16:52:42

thats a dagger right?


2010-10-20 15:54:51



2010-10-31 00:11:08

im sorry im leaving so many comments


2011-02-16 04:25:35

sorry for the delay.....i know, excuses. excuses. shortly after i got this far into the comic, i had a near fatal overdose, and then some related health complications. since then ive had to focus on other things. i'm working on this again, a little at a time. ill keep you posted.


2011-06-01 13:22:46

tink 9 is done, was about to upload it, then realized i had made a mistake/inconsistancy in the art on the last few pages with tink's hair. i am about to go to bed, but i will fix the last few pages tonight and upload it then.

because i literally spent about a year working on it, you'll notice a combination of artwork style changes/some progress from start to finish. hopefully it got better as the comic progressed. i think the first few pages are the worst, and the last few pages are the best.

anyways, tonight around 2-3am is my goal for these pages to be fixed, me to make a last/final screening, and barring no more problems, a final upload. if for some reason, fate decides against that, i will post an announcement on here.



2011-10-22 15:52:29

when will the next part come?


2011-12-17 06:18:50

It won't come, He said there was only a TINY bit more work on it. A hour or so worth pretty much but that was MONTHS ago. Im guessing he died to a overdose. Oh well


2012-02-15 07:57:51

awww my bobby likes hentai fans


2012-09-03 08:09:23

is there a new tink #10 final part series of tink's big adventure