computer and flash finally

2010-05-04 06:09:50 by lutelian

well, i finally got a new computer back in february, but couldnt find my original version of flash or the cd key that went with it, and my free trial ran out fast, so i was fucked. well, i FINALLY HAVE A NEW VERSION OF FLASH AS OF 10 MINUTES AGO ON MY NEW LAPTOP. im going to resume working on projects when i find time. not that anyone likes my projects or cares. my work, like my life, is shit. but i dont care. i do my stuff cause i like it, and thats what matters, so fuck everyone else who hates it/flames me.


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2010-05-16 07:13:38

YAY!!! I've been waiting quite patiently. Oh, and no matter what anyone else says, you matter, and you rock!

-The Mighty Ra


2010-06-01 17:48:33

Not the only one. I've been checking periodically to see if there was anythig new.


2010-06-12 18:59:46

working on it now, and another project as well /nod. well see when i get them done


2010-06-13 08:15:37

well i like ur stuff


2010-07-14 19:15:30

could u make an update or something its been a while


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