Tink 8 Progress

2008-09-12 12:27:34 by lutelian

UPDATE Monday Morning, 4-13

Somehow, I suspect no one has even checked this in a while :P but, it is ALMOST done. I still have some minor finishing touches to put on, a final entire page to color, and then the text boxes. I am out of time to finish it right now, so sorry, you will have to wait till tonight. I honestly am shooting for finishing it by 6pm. Cross your fingers, wish me good luck....

AND DON'T HATE THIS ONE! .... Its graphic, different from the others, violent, gross, painful to even draw. but whatever. ill check in tonight.

UPDATE Sunday 4-12-9
k, i am NOT gonna make my deadline by 4am heh, not gonna happen, its traced, and is being colored, but yeah, a lot to color. So, in all reality expect it will be sometime early early monday morning, prolly around 2-4 am. stay posted


UPDATE 4-10-9
I estimate I will have the comic up saturday night/sunday morning, probably around 4am sunday morning. I wil keep you posted.


UPDATE 4-7-9
1/3 colored, entirely sketched, and almost completely traced. I estimate about 4-5 days before its done. Ill announce the day before its ready.



ahem....im not dead, but I have had a very very long "accident" prone time period. alas, that is no excuse. the truth is, i was unsatisfied with the ending for this episode.

so I spent some time, rethinking, redesigning, replanning, but NOTHING was what I wanted, the only thing I liked was my original ending. the problem with this episode is its going to piss a lot of ppl off, and its not at all like my others, its taken a very...dark turn.

so. I dicked around (pun intended) and kept procrastinating until I just stopped working on it.

well, i talked toone of my closest friends, revealed this issue, and where its going, and she said its wrong. she doesnt like it, confirming what I already knew what happened. she also said I should do it how I want anyways, and fuck everyone else.

so, I resumed working on it 2 nites ago, with the original design intended.

i wasted a lot of time drawing a bunch of other things, delaying this issue, i even made a terrible hentai game. WotlK for WoW was released, and I wasted more time playing with that.

but yes, tink felt neglected, and I decided I should get back to work. ive already sketched another 10 pages, and traced/colored one of them, and I have probably about 15 more to go. so, it will still be a little while, but, it will continue and be released. my apologies for being such a douche about it, and my apologies for making you delay so long for such a shitty comic anyways, and the shittiest edition of said comic :P

well, whatever, I hope you like the issue. I will give about a weeks advance on its release if I feel like it. check back soon :)


PS I rly am accident prone, and get injured/sick a lot easily. I dont have a compromised immune system or anything, Im just.....very, very, CARELESS. an example: a while back, I was going down the stairwell at work, tripped over my own feet, and went head first into the metal stairwell door, knocking myself unconscious for a little bit :P

Tink 8 Progress


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2008-09-13 10:58:46

Work on TinkerBell it's the best friggin flash comic I've ever lol'd at.

lutelian responds:

well, thank you very much :) thas 1 vote for the comic then :)


2008-09-18 12:54:49

A second vote for it. If I hold up both hands does that count as 2 votes? Or does that only work in primary school (not that my mind has developed much in maturity since then).

Either way I'm glad these comics are back.

lutelian responds:

lol well, so far, 2 votes for the comic. until enough others say otherwise thats what ill be working on


2008-09-28 23:34:27

i like the turn in the artwork, longer time between, but worth it!


2008-09-28 23:35:32

soory to double post, but i put my vote on more comics!

lutelian responds:

lol no problem, I had to take a break, had about 4 different things happen in a row (food poisoning, followed by flu, followed by sinus infection, followed a few days later by black widow bite, followed a week later by me destroying my knee), so I havent worked on it in a couple weeks, but Im about to resume tomorrow nite working on it. sry for the delay, past few weeks have been a REAL bitch.


2008-10-06 06:08:11

As soon as the we have the next comic installment in the grounds eventually, I wouldn't mind seeing a gadget before it. Just do as you please.
... But the image is biasing people strongly to vote for the comic... Don't you think so?

lutelian responds:

lol. all 4 of them :P but yeah, i can see what you mean though.


2008-10-26 18:19:16

it's now a moth past your estimated time of completion... may you please update on progress.


2008-10-26 20:13:12

When we will get to see tink kick ass in her 8th comic/episode?!


2008-11-11 23:43:15

still waiting on the update. can't complain much cuz i'm not playing you, but please update.

lutelian responds:

sry all, ive been terribly distracted with a ton of other projects, im literally halfway done, but yeah, just been a lot going on. i do plan on finishing it


2008-12-07 23:53:51

here i am for my monthly asking when we can expect tink 8, so when can we expect tink 8?


2008-12-23 21:07:46

hey its been awhile you almost done with tink ?


2009-01-05 11:16:43

I think he's dead


2009-01-26 21:24:48

wtf is he dead apaarently cuz havent heard from him in forever


2009-02-18 00:12:45

maybe he is dead, he is accident proned, so maybe his life did him in. sure hope not.


2009-04-01 05:32:35

god I rly hope its the april fools thing, but certain elements of my update post above are not what I typed. lol


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