What's going on....Tink 7 Coming Wed Night

2008-08-19 19:25:01 by lutelian

well, as you might have noticed, ive abandoned my previous dress up game. the more I worked on it, the more I didnt like it. I might do a quick finish on it, some day, and release it, just for kicks, but as of now, im not working on it.

My laptop is broken, it barely works, so I cant work on much on anything right now anyways, however....

TINK #7 is DONE! I should be releasing it wed, aug 20th, sometime in the evening. its sick, wrong, and you'll hate it, im sure 8D

when I can afford a new laptop, i plan on doing a dressup game, starting over from scratch, but that wont be for some time. anyways, i just wanted to keep ppl posted, and let them know im not dead .... yet



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2008-09-07 11:51:08

That sucks, and you don't have any other computer in your house to do flash on? I had this problem a few weeks ago too, but I got it fixed.

lutelian responds:

i have another comp, but, i spend most of my time working on this stuff at work, on my laptop, Im rarel awake when im home :/ im...working around the problem heh


2008-09-09 23:59:07

thats sucks about the laptop, and kudos on episode 7, i like the twist, and the artwork was much better, it was worth the wait

lutelian responds:

thanks, sry it took so long, had lots of stuff going on. hopefully youll tink 8 tons more, its....not a twist, along the same lines as 7, but its definitely more TWISTED, and the artwork is ....even better, I think at least :)


2008-09-11 17:35:23

Will Peter Pan appear in this amazing comedy? Please say yes!

lutelian responds:

lol comedy? its still a comedy? >_>
and yes, yes he will....unfortunately......